Scuba Diving
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The Indonesian archipelago is the largest in the world with over 17,000 islands and width of 5000 km from East to West and 1,700 km from North to South.

With so many islands, Indonesia boosts numerous diving of scuba diving destinations, such as Bali, Gilli Islands, Lembeh Strait and Bunaken, Flores and Komodo, Raja Ampat, Alor and many other amazing scuba destinations.


The best way to explore the dive sites of Bali is to go on a diving safari which will bring you from the east to the north and northwest coast best dive sites.

Raja Ampat

Located northwest of Papua New Guinea, this pristine diving destination is one of the most recognized as the last frontier for diving passionates. With over 600 species of coral and 3000 species of fish, Raja AMpat offers incredible sites for demanding divers.


If there is one he diving paradise for muck and macro enthusiast, it is Lembeh Strait. It can be combined with Bunaken Island which offers beautiful coral reef.