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Richelieu Rock, Surin Islands

Richelieu Rock Surin IslandsLocated in the Surin Island National Park, Richelieu Rock is one of the star attractions of the Thailand and the Andaman Sea.

The Richelieu Rock has a shape of a horseshooe and is a submerged pinnacle.

The Rock hosts everything from small to big marine life in a garden of soft and hard corals.

Whale shark are commonly sighted throughout the season along with manta rays.

The stars of the show include:

  • sea horses,
  • janss pipefish,
  • ghost pipe fish,
  • tigris allied cowries,
  • harlequin shrimp,
  • angel fish,
  • juvenile sweetlips,
  • tomato clown fish,
  • cube box fish,
  • squat shrimp,
  • cuttlefish,
  • moray eels,
  • white and black tipped sharks,
  • leopard sharks,
  • octopus,
  • schools of barracuda,
  • Schools of rainbow runners,
  • blue finned trevallies,
  • blue powered surgeon fish,
  • yellow damsels,
  • frogfish.

You will definetly need several dives to have a glimpse at the diversity of the dive site.


Richelieu Rock, dive briefing.


Richelieu Rock, dive briefing.

Richelieu Rock dive site map

Richelieu Rock dive site map (click to enlarge).