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Pulau Sipadan, Borneo

Diving at the Sipadan Island is absolutely unique and amazing.

Discovered by Jacques Cousteau, Sipadan is indisputably the best scuba diving destination in Malaysia.

Featuring a unique geological island formation, Sipadan, rises 600m from the seabed and is the only oceanic island of Malaysia.

Pulau Sipadan is located in the Celebes Sea, off the east coast of the Island of Borneo near the departure town of Sempurna.

It has one of the richest marine ecosystem in the world boosting hundred species of corals and more than 3000 species of fish.

In addition to the truely fabulous and awe inspiring walls and panoramic views in transparent waters, you will see schools of hawksbill and greenback turtles everywhere, reef sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, schools of big-eye trevally and barracuda and in tornado formations.

For speciality divers, there is an underwater limestone cave labyrinth with turtle skeletal remains under the island.

Longhouses and luxuy bungalows are available on the nearby island of Mabul (excellent for smaller marine life). Sempurna has its host of cheaper accomodations too.


Sipadan Topography map.


Sipadan Geography Location.


Pulau Sipadan Map